Platform Technology for On-Site Multiplex Analysis of Biological Agents

With the -4H- one-channel-System platform, -4h-  provides the most advanced technology available today for fully-automated, parallel detection of multiple  biological substances using immunological and nucleic acid-based techniques, thereby completely  eliminating the need for complex and costly laboratory diagnostics.



Integrated Biosensor-System for Detection of  biogenic substances

  •  Enables biological analysis with minimized user interaction
  • Provides processing of DNA-, RNA- und protein-based tests within one single instrument


  • Biotests- Kits for different respective assays
    • All necessary enzymes
    • Appropriate buffer system
    • Additional components


  • Disposable cartridge
    • Biochip Technology
    • Homogenous assay without washing
    • Microvolume


  • Detection instrument
    • Thermocycling (flexible temperature control)
    • Optical detection (fluorescence intensity)
    • Comprehensive image and data analysis


Biosensors Datasheet


Integrated biosensor system for the on-site detection of  biological agents

Biological analysis with minimal operator intervention

Processing of DNA, RNA and protein-based tests in one device