Astronomical Device Technology

Following the acquisition of services for the product area “Astronomical large appliances” of the Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH in 2004, we see our core competencies in the following areas:

– Maintenance and repair of astronomical large (planetariums, observatories, monitoring devices)
– Maintenance of astronomical large appliances
– Silvering of optical systems up to a diameter of 2m
– Restoration of historic equipment and domes
In addition to offering comprehensive repair, restoration and modernization of your astronomical devices, we also offer partial solutions:
– Creation of repair advice
– Assemblies repair
– Cleaning and surveying the lenses
– Modernization of the electrical control

Astronomical Device Technology Datasheet

Reference list

  • Bamberg Refractor, Berlin
  • Societe Vaudoise Astronomie, Lausanne
  • Doppel-Refractor, Potsdam
  • 300mm Refractor Urania Zurich, Zurich
  • Projekt PHOSAC, Egypt
  • Ardenne Refractor, Dresden
  • Binokular, Dresden
  • Steinheil Refractor, Munich
  • WLRS, Wettzell
  • Goerz Reflector, DM Munich
  • 300mm Zeiss Refractor, DM Munich
  • Coelostat , DM Munich
  • 130mm Refractor, Schulpforte
  • 150mm Coude-Refractor, Rostock
  • Binocular, Salzburg

Offered partial solutions:

  • Creating repair advice
  • assemblies repair
  • Cleaning and surveying the lenses
  • Modernization of electrical control