Automation Technology

The-4H-JENA engineering GmbH is a service provider and leads the project management, for example, in the areas aerodynamics wind tunnels, climatized wind tunnels and wind tunnel components.

  • Planning and realisation of automation systems
  • Power Distribution
  • Drive systems for wind tunnel fans
  • Automation systems for wind speed regulation, temperature regulation, moisture regulation, eyhaust gas/ fresh air systems, boundary layer removal system
  • Interface to the balances system
  • Interface to the rolling road system
  • Interface to the host computer
  • Integration of the gas warning system
  • Integration of the extinguishing system
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Optimisation
  • Service

Automation Technology Downloads

Reference list:

  • Air conditioning Denso
  • Climatic wind tunnel BEHR
  • Climatic wind tunnel Vision
  • Wind tunnel BMW
  • Wind tunnel Ferrari
  • Wind tunnel Renault
  • Control 300mm Zeiss refractor, Munich
  • Control Goerz reflector, Munich

Application areas

  • Assembly automation
  • Drive systems for astronomical equipment
  • Control technology for astronomical equipment
  • Cabinet
  • Automation in climate and wind tunnels