-4H-Active/Passive Sampler

We offer sampling systems for different purposes:

  1. Passive sampler
  2. Active sampler
    • Litter sampler
    • Plankton sampler


Passive sampler

The -4H-Passive Sampler is a flow-through tube array, which can be equipped with different receiving membranes (e.g. diffusive gradients in thin films (DGT), low-density polyethylene or silicone rubber strips).

Active sampler

The -4H-Active Sampler is a specially designed flow-through tube array that includes a set of sieves (litter) or nets (plankton) with different mesh sizes.


Both system principles can be combined in one array for simultaneous active and passive sampling.

The tubes can be cascaded from one up to an arbitrary number according to the customer needs. They are flushed with sea water through a separate water system or the outlet of the -4H-FerryBox water system. The -4H-Active/Passive Sampler is controlled by the ‑4H‑FerryBox PC or a stand-alone PC.

Software controlled sampling modes:

  • Sampling over a fixed time period
  • Start in and stop outside a selected area (GPS position control)
  • Stop when nets/filters are full or blocked (water level detection)
  • Stop after a defined volume (for example 18,000 liters)
  • No sampling, e.g. in dirty harbor areas (GPS position control)
  • Information of sampling volume in every operational mode available

Active/Passive Sampler Datasheet


  • Combined sampling of both dissolved and particulate matter
  • fractionated sampling of suspended matter (marine litter, phytoplankton, zooplankton,…) by cascaded sieves
  • screening or monitoring of organic and inorganic water pollutants
  • different types of active foils (e.g. thin-layer film gels (DGT)) can be hold in the sampler tubes
  • tracking of pollutants by sequential sampling in the arrays’ tubes during a research cruise
  • in contrast to traditional sampling methods, the -4H-Sampler has a flow‑meter enabling a calculation of the concentration after sampling
  • high internal currents and convections prevent from forming a boundary layer at the surface of the foil

Options and accessories

  • size of the system is designed corresponding to the customer’s demands
  • free choice of filter tube number
  • different number of sieves
  • different sieves’ mesh size for cascaded sampling
  • different mesh sizes for plankton nets available