To revolutionize the thermosalinograph data quality on ships

The combination of two SMB measuring continuously physical parameters of surface water leads to high efficiency and accuracy of data. The boxed flow‑through sensor system works in master‑slave mode with one substituting the other during automated cleaning cycles.

This redundant system ensures steady measurements without any disturbances of bio‑fouling and it additionally gives the opportunity for continuous high quality management for accurately validated data. The cyclone‑shaped bin for sensors also facilitates an effective automatic cleaning. Because of its compact construction transporting and handling of the ‑4H‑SMB is very easy. Equipped with commonly used interfaces the ‑4H‑SMB enables communication with every (research) vessel.

This System is a joint development with the Leibniz-Institut für Ostseeforschung Warnemünde (IOW).

SMB Dimensions

Length: 57 cm

Weight: ca. 40 kg

Width: 50 cm

Height: 40 cm





0 … 70 mS/cm

0.003 mS/cm


-3 … 35 °C

0,002 °C


2 … 42 PSU

0.005 PSU

Sound velocity

1375 … 1625 m/ s

0.025 m/ s


0 … 25 NTU

0.013 NTU (sensitivity)


0 … 50 µg Chl-a/l

0.025 µg Chl a/l (sensitivity)

SMB data sheet


  • continuous data recording
  • autonomous flow-system
  • low maintenance
  • automatic cleaning system
  • 2 systems in master‑slave mode for continuous data during cleaning cycles