-4H- FerryBox: autonomous, low-maintenance measuring system

The -4H- FerryBox is an autonomous, low-maintenance measuring system, which is designed for the continuous operation onboard ships, on measurement platforms and at river banks. The -4H- FerryBox as a fixed installed system provides the ideal basis for extensive and continuous long-term monitoring while maintenance efforts are kept to a minimum. The integrated automatic cleaning system ensures a high data availability.

Dimensions *
FerryBox I

Width: 500mm
Height: 1360mm
Depth:  450xmm

FerryBox II

Width: 500mm
Height: 900mm
Depth:  450xmm

*in consultation with the customer, the dimensions can be adapted to the local conditions

Power supply

110 VAC oder
230 VAC oder
400 VAC

FerryBox data sheet

We distinguish between two versions of 4H-FerryBoxes:
⦁ pressureless, open and extensible system
⦁ pressure resistant, also for installations below the water line

FerryBox applikation note

Working priciple

⦁ Flow system in which the water to be analyzed is pumped
⦁ Measurement of physical and biogeochemical parameters in surface waters by different sensors
⦁ Integrated anti-fouling and cleaning concept


⦁ Automated low-maintenance system
⦁ Automated cleaning procedures
⦁ Data transfer via Satellite, GPRS, UMTS or WiFi/LAN
⦁ Event triggered operation modes
⦁ Remote supervision and parameterization
⦁ Acquisition of physical and biogeochemical processes supporting mathematical climate model developments

Options and accessories:

⦁ Intergration of complex sampler systems
⦁ Use of a debubbler
⦁ Different sensors, individually chosen or adapted to the field of operation
⦁ Water supply pump
⦁ Coarse filter
⦁ Debubbler
⦁ Waste water tank
⦁ ComBox for data transmission