-4H- PocketFerryBox: mobile measuring system for field work

The -4H- PocktFerryBox is designed for high-precision measurements of multiple water parameters and constituents. The compact and user-customized design in a portable case opens new perspectives of monitoring tasks. The possibilities range from stationary monitoring to position-controlled operation onboard small boats. The compact size and weight facilitates this mobile system to be easily carried to the measuring area. The system is designed for autonomous environmental monitoring and is operable with either a power supply unit or a battery.

Dimensions (PocketFerryBox)

Length:        600mm
Height:        400mm
Width:         400mm
Weight:       ca. 35kg

Other sizes and weights depend on the user-specific customized sensors.

PocketFerryBox data sheet

Working principle

⦁ Flow-system in which the water tob e analyzed is pumped
⦁ Measurement of physical and biogeochemical parameters in surface waters with different sensors
⦁ power supply from battery or power socket


⦁ location independent
⦁ portable
⦁ independent power supply

Options and accessories

⦁ Battery case
⦁ water supply pump
⦁ outside frame for water supply
⦁ communication box