-4H-Environmental Observing Container

The -4H-Environmental Observing Container hosts the ‑4H-FerryBox for highly precise measurements of water parameters and is equipped with sensors for meteorology. Additionally it can be equipped with a work bench, fridge, water sampler, or any other lab equipment for environmental monitoring. The container is designed for autonomous operation on ships or at harbors, rivers, estuaries, coastlines, and lakes.

The  -4H-Environmental Observing Container is based on a ISO container. The integrated -4H-FerryBox system with an anti-fouling concept is equipped with a control software, telemetry as well as remote control and data transmission. All data observed in this container are handled and stored by the system’s data management software.

The container system also provides the opportunity for integration of external sensors (e.g. water level, current meter) and offers free work space for lab experiments in an air conditioned work place.

The -4H-Environmental Observing Container is delivered in a ready-to-use configuration with connections for water and electricity.

Environmental Observing Container data sheet


  • ISO container with windows
  • working in a protected and heated/air conditioned surrounding, even in polar regions
  • highly precise measurements of water and meteorological parameters
  • complete data storage and control
  • data transmission in real-time
  • remote control
  • versatile system for multiple application areas
  • ready-to-use delivery

Options and accessories

  • different sizes available: 10 ft, 20 ft, 40 ft, other sizes on request
  • thermal insulation
  • tap/drinking water system
  • surveillance camera (CCTV)
  • power generator
  • other instruments or equipment on request