LED ring light: The universal illumination for microscopy tasks

The LED ring light RL66/40 allows a very bright, homogeneous and shadow free object illumination. It consists of 40 LEDs and can be used for microscopes with an objective diameter up to 66 mm. In conjunction with the control unit and the individual segment switching, it is possible to create different lighting scenarios.

Technical data (RL66/40):

40 white light LEDs

Color temperature / service life L70

approx. 5000 K / approx. 25.000 h

Power supply / power input

power plug, 24 V DC, 250 mA, 6 W


2 x 9-pol. Mini-DIN, ESD socket

Operating conditions

temperature 10–40 ⁰C, max. 70 % relative humidity


outer ring Ø 94 x 25 mm, clamp ring Ø 66 mm,
control unit 96 x 64 x 29 mm

Connection cable

1000 mm



LED ring light Data sheet:


  • lighting for inspection and repair workplaces
  • illumination for stereomicroscopes, under which assembly works and adjustment procedures must be carried out
  • quality control at incoming goods and outgoing goods


  • daylight color (5000 K)
  • long LED service life (up to 25.000 h)
  • quiet vibration-free operation
  • low power consumption, environmentally friendly
  • homogeneous shadow free illumination
  • solide metalhousing
  • small dimensions, separate control unit
  • with a fixing adapter suitable for the most stereomicroscopes


  • polarization filter set to fade out undesired reflections
  • diffuser for light scattering
  • fixing adapter


  • LED ring light 38/20 (clamp ring Ø 38 mm, 20 white light LEDs)
  • LED ring light 66/80 (clamp ring Ø 66 mm, 80 white light LEDs)
  • segment switching control