Task-specific LED lighting: Special illuminations for a variety of applications

For the right illumination of various object surfaces, different comination options by LED ring lights and LED spots are available. A task-specific illumination and thus a correct object control can be ensured. For the control of flat parts, different transmitted lights can be used.

Technical data (LED-RL66/40):

LED white, Hi-Power-LED

Color temperature / service life L70

approx. 4000 K–5900 K  / approx. 25.000 h

Power supply / power input

power plug, 24 V DC
5V DC at Hi-Power version


LED connection , ESD socket

Operating conditions

temperature 10–40 ⁰C, max. 70 % relative humidity


depending on version,
control unit 96 x 64 x 29 mm

Connection cable

1000 mm



Task-specific LED lighting
Data sheet:


  • lighting for inspection and repair workplaces
  • illumination for stereomicroscopes, under which assembly works and adjustment procedures must be carried
  • quality control at incoming goods and outgoing goods


  • color temperature partial adjustable (Hi-Power-Spot: 4000 K or 5900 K)
  • long LED service life (up to 25.000 h)
  • quiet vibration-free operation
  • low power consumption, environmentally friendly
  • solid metalhousing
  • small/flat construction for use in/under stereomicroscopes
  • separate control unit for dimming
  • control of serveral lighting units possible
  • low heat generation


  • polarization filter for LED spots
  • fixing adapter
  • spot mount with flexible arm
  • diffuser for light scattering