Maintenance and modernization for your equipment!

The refurbishment of your existing microscope system is an often rewarding and cost-effective alternative to a new acquisition. Especially older microscope heads of reputable manufacturers (e.g. Leica, Zeiss) still convince today with their well optical performance and have therefore earned a makeover.
In combination with our proven tripod systems and modern Photonic LED lighting, ergonomic and efficient workplaces a developed, that are not be afraid of comparison with new systems.

Our services

  • cleaning of microscope parts
  • cleaning of the optical system
  • maintenance and cleaning of all mechanical device parts (e.g. focusing drive)
Modernisation and extension
of the existing system
  • adaption to new tripod technology (e.g. universal stand, swinging-arm stand, base stand, …)
  • use of new Photonic LED lighting (ring light, LED spot or illumination by light guides)
  • microscope camera and software extensions
  • integration of inspection tables
  • complete mechanical reconstruction according to customer specifications

Our advantages:

  • long-standing experience in the field of microscope technology
  • customer-specific tripod solutions through internal mechanical production
  • fast order processing
  • large spare part storage for many microscope types


  • base stands, universal stands or swinging-arm stands
  • innovative LED lighting in form of ring lights, spots or fiber optical systems
  • high-resolution cameras, inspection and measurement software
  • customer-specific mechanical solutions


  • Modernization Carl Zeiss Jena Epignost with LED-Lighting and LEICA rapid and fine focusing
Zeiss Epignost
  • Adaption of EUROMEX microscope with swinging-arm-stand
  • Reconstruction Carl Zeiss Technival with LED illumination, universal stand and focussing drive
Carl Zeiss Jena Technival
  • Extension of VISION LYNX with inspection table IT400

Your request, our solution

Together with you we are working out a corresponding concept for your measuring or inspection equipment. Please do not hesitate to contact us.