micro-300: Microscope workplace for universal operations

Microscopes are basic work tools for the inspection of small-sized components, assemblies and samples in the electronic engineering, micromechanics and biology. Our modular system permits a task-specific adaption of the microscope workplace. An extension for documentation tasks is also possible

Technical data:



5x–22x or 10x–44x

Working distance

approx. 150 mm


universal stand


LED ring light


various inspection tasks

micro-300 Data sheet:


  • inspection of electronic components and assemblies
  • control for printed circuit boards (PCBs)
  • repair and assembly works of any kind
  • mineralogy
  • restoration work
  • quality control
  • laboratory studies
  • documentation tasks in incoming goods and quality control


  • modular system for a task-specific adaption of the inspection device
  • long working distance for manufacturing and assembly tasks
  • LED ring light for optimal object illumination
  • camera system for documentation tasks
  • exact positioning through inspection tables (VT- and IT-series)
  • inspection workplace optional with Leica-stereomicroscope heads


  • swinging-arm stand, optional double linear guided
  • inspection tables (VT- and IT-series in various dimensions)
  • several front lenses for changing the magnification range
  • LED ring light with segment switching control
  • solder protection glass