The intuitive documentation and archiving software JE.Doku/JE.Doku+ provides the ability to document test procedures and assembly processes. In addition to storing images in various formats, images can be labeled with elements. In according to the technical instrument basis, the basic software JE.Doku can be extended by standard measurement capabilities (JE.Doku+). The user chooses between a wide variety of measuring tools. JE.Doku/JE.Doku+ can also be adapted to the customer-specific requirements.


The professional video measuring software JE.Mess is the link between the optical video measuring instrument and the data processing and archiving by PC.


The software JE.Control is the extension of the proven software package JE.Mess and includes all changes and additions, which are necessary for controlling motorized measuring tables. Main application field are 3-axle measuring tables with an integrated optical system in a portal design. The extension by a rotation axis, laser and tactile measurement systems and diverse auxiliary axes presents no problem and can be adapted to the individual customer wishes.