The software JE.Control is the extension of the proven software package JE.Mess and includes all changes and additions, which are necessary for controlling motorized measuring tables. Main application field are 3-axle measuring tables with an integrated optical system in a portal design. The extension by a rotation axis, laser and tactile measurement systems and diverse auxiliary axes presents no problem and can be adapted to the individual customer wishes.

  • image documentation, label and archiving functions of JE.Mess
  • movement of the optics (or measurement sensors) by specification of known positions, direct positioning in the live picture with cross hairs or incremental position change with selectable feed rate
  • search mode by joystick control
  • define of special positions and workpiece-related relative positions
  • define of reference sequences with storage of positions, light and camera settings, labels, masks and reference images
  • semi-automatic measuring by reference sequences and recording of the measurement results with definable tolerances
  • optical 3D-measurment of height profiles

JE.Control Data sheet:


  • measuring and inspection machines (e.g. OMIG-device series, AutoInspect HD)
  • control of large-sized PCBs
  • precise measurement of extensive components, structures and thin layers
  • optical and tactile measuring in tool and mold making industry
  • documentation tasks
  • quality control
  • customer-specific measuring tasks


  • simple and intuitive handling
  • all measuring, documentation and archiving tools of JE.Mess
  • measuring range increased to the whole usable working area
  • different ways for camera or sensor positioning
  • search mode by joystick control
  • several rights of use (admin/user)
  • integration of up to 4 cameras

Technical requirements:

  • digital camera
    connection by USB, FireWire or HDMI-Framegrabber
  • camera with analog output
    connection by analog-USB-converter or Framegrabber
  • suitable measurement optics
    distortion-free, defined magnification levels (e.g. Zoom70)
  • motorized inspection and measuring tables of  -4H-JENA