The intuitive documentation and archiving software JE.Doku/JE.Doku+ provides the ability to document test procedures and assembly processes. In addition to storing images in various formats, images can be labeled with elements. In according to the technical instrument basis, the basic software JE.Doku can be extended by standard measurement capabilities (JE.Doku+). The user chooses between a wide variety of measuring tools. JE.Doku/JE.Doku+ can also be adapted to the customer-specific requirements.

Basic Functions

  • creation of images and video sequences
  • inserting of external images
  • text label in variable size and color
  • generation of different geometric bodies (line, arrow, circle, pitch circle, rectangle, ellipse)
  • decoding and creation of QR-codes
  • album function
  • configure of camera settings by JE.Doku possible

Additional Functions

  • choice between simple geometric bodies for determining the exact sample geometry (point, distance, circle, pitch circle, intersection line, …)
  • construction of geometric bodies by a fixed number of single points, integrated equalization calculus
  • automatic dimensioning of freely selectable parameters
  • clear display of measurement results in the menu bar

JE.Doku/JE.Doku+ Data sheet:


  • video inspection and measuring workstations (e.g. HD-Inspektor, AutoInspect HD)
  • documentation of manufacturing and assembly processes
  • incoming goods inspection
  • quality assurance
  • preparation of processing and assembly instructions


  • simple and intuitive handling
  • clear menu administration
  • demanding image editing (scripture, marks, measured values, barcodes), freely positionable
  • measure in the live picture and in already saved images
  • album function
  • several rights of use (admin/user)
  • integration of up to 4 cameras possible

Technical requirements:

  • digital camera
    connection by USB, FireWire or HDMI-Framegrabber
  • camera with analog output
    connection by analog-USB-converter or Framegrabber
  • suitable measurement optics
    distortion-free, defined magnification levels (e.g. Zoom70)