JE.Mess: Extensive software for optical inspection and measurement tasks

The professional video measuring software JE.Mess is the link between the optical video measuring instrument and the data processing and archiving by PC.

  • measuring of geometric structures in the live picture, edge detection
  • image documentation and archiving
  • live picture in Full-HD
  • label and album function
  • linking of the recorded geometric dimensions
  • automatic preparation of the measurement report
  • intuitive handling, teach-in assistant for automation of measuring processes
  • overlay masks with tolerances
  • image and barcode overlay with detection
  • creation and decoding of QR-codes
  • camera and lighting control

JE.Mess Data sheet:


  • video measuring workstations (e.g. Mikro-Inspektor)
  • control of printed circuit boards (PCBs)
  • precise measurement of electronic and mechanic components, structures and thin layers
  • wear recording of cutting tools
  • measurement and documentation tasks in the tool and mold making industry
  • quality control
  • incoming goods inspection


  • simple and intuitive handling with teach-in assistant
  • edge detection for determining of geometric structures
  • automatic preparation of the measurement report
  • error calculation to receipt the confidence interval
  • measuring in the live picture and in already saved images
  • album function
  • several rights of use (admin/user)
  • integration of up to 4 cameras

Technical requirements:

  • digital camera
    connection by USB, FireWire or HDMI-Framegrabber
  • camera with analog output
    connection by analog-USB-converter or Framegrabber
  • suitable measurement optics
    distortion-free, defined magnification levels (e.g. Zoom70)