Inspection Tables

The VT- and IT-inspection table series are used for the precise adjustment of specimens in the optical inspection.
Exact positioning and reproducible workflows ensure an increase of productivity at testing and inspection tasks.

Technical data

Inspection tables Data sheet:


  • inspection of flat parts
  • extension to existing optical systems by positioning tables
  • inspection, repair and audit works with reproducible workflows


  • compact dimensioned inspection and translation tables
  • flat construction and precise linear guidance system
  • for incident and transmitted light applications
  • ESD pad with ground connection for the safe handling of PCBs and electronic components
  • precise positioning of specimens by threaded spindle
  • through the flexible modular system the table can easily be adapted to the individual customer-specific requirements


  • x-/y-axis by clamping screws in any position lockable or with rough/fine adjustment by threaded spindle
  • ESD pad with ground connection for incident light applications
  • glass shelf for transmitted light applications
  • all tables can be equipped by a stand column