MT-100-Z70: Small-sized measuring table combined with a high-resolution zoom optics

The measuring workstation MT-100-Z70 combines the high resolution optical system and the efficient camera technology of the video-zoom microscope Z70 with the modular measuring table system MT-100. The device is in addition to the production-related material and product testing ideally suited for measurements in x-, y- und z-direction on layers and structures.

Technical data:
Optical system

zoom device with zoom factor 7:1, with or without lock-in positions, precision focusing drive with 70 mm lift, choice of objective determined the magnification range and the operating distance (magnifications up to 800x possible)


digital-/analog-camera with c-mount adapter, 1/2″-chip, 1/3“-chip


LED ring light, coaxial light with aperture diaphragm and a field of view aperture

Measuring table

manual or motorized, reproducibility 0,003 mm, measuring range 100 x 100 mm (variable adaptable)


JE.Mess, JE.Control (for motorized version)

MT-100-Z70 Data sheet:


  • height measurement in μm-range (layer and structure thickness, scratches)
  • measuring of flat parts (wafer and masks)
  • inspection and measuring of micro and macro structures
  • material analyses and metallographic examinations
  • inspections of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and metal grinding probes


  • the optics-mechanics-modular system enabled a flexible task-specific adaption of the measuring device
  • coaxial light and LED ring light provide a optimal object illumination
  • measuring table MT-100 with linear measurement system made precision positioning and highest measuring accuracy possible
  • the software JE.Mess/JE.Control provides extensive possibilities to archive images, documentation, image editing and a variety of measurement functions


  • focus and zoom settings motorized
  • choice of objective determined the magnification range and the operating distance
  • measuring table with motorized axes
  • measuring range / measuring table dimensions to customer requests
  • transparency unit
  • iris diaphragm
  • polarization filter