Industrial Services from -4H-

The Industrial Services is a service provider for development, assembly and contract manufacturing of patterns, models and small series of optical and precision components and products, as well as for restoration / modernization of technical equipment and installations. We are also a service provider in the field of automation of equipment and facilities.



Development, manufacture, installation of special machines and equipment

Development, installation and adjustment of optical-mechanical assemblies



Part and prototype production

PVD coating for objects up to 2m diameter (aluminumlayer)


Assembly of mechanical assemblies

Mounting optical subassemblies

Assembly of complete devices

Panel mounting

Maintenance / Repair / Restoration

Restoration / modernization of technical equipment and installations

Maintenance, repair, restoration, modernization of astronomical large (planetariums, observatories, monitoring devices)

Maintenance, repair and maintenance of automation technology

We want to be your partner in the fields of astronomical equipment engineering, automation technology as well as in the assembly area of mechanical, optical components!


Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Heyne

Divisional Director

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Peter Wunderlich

Workshop Manager

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