The -4H- Debubbler removes unwanted bubbles from your process waters. There are different versions in terms of size, volume, and material of the ‑4H‑debubbler available. Of course we can customize our ‑4H‑debubbler to fit your demands.

The connectors of the debubbler to the measuring system are chosen in close consultation with the customer and are customized to the demands of the field of application.The working principle is based on an internal riser-pipe and an overflow drainage. A certain amount of sample water together with the air bubbles is drained out of the debubbler. The remaining sampling water is free of bubbles and ready to be measured or processed, e.g. in devices for environmental monitoring or in scrubber systems.

The Debubbler is available in two different materials: PVC and stainless steel


PVC version:

To prevent corrosion, the debubbler is completely made of PVC or corrosion‑resistant material. This enables this debubbler to be used even in seawater with a high salt content.


Stainless steel version:

Some applications need metal instead of PVC material. For this case we also offer a stainless steel version of the -4H- debubbler. The working principle is the same as in the PVC version.

Debubbler data sheet

Options and accessories

  • design in terms of length, diameter, volume and max. flow in direct consultation with the customer to fit the demands of the field of use
  • different materials: PVC or stainless steel
  • different types of connectors
  • mounting frame