Measuring machines adapted to your needs

By our extensive experience in optical metrology and inspection technology, we are able to adapt the system components to the given conditions and adjust the device to the individual requirements of the user. The development and manufacturing of our equipment solutions based on a longtime proven multivalent modular system. The metrological extension of existing systems is also possible.

Device example: OMIG-series

OMIG – Optical measurement and inspection devices for production-related testing


measuring in the field of view, for large sized flat parts (solar- or LCD-panel)
customer-specific sample size (1200 x 640 x 35 mm)
double-zoom-optics for close ups and detailed views


measuring volume 500 x 500 x 250 mm

rotary table, optical 90° measurement, motorized zoom,

Renishaw-touchprobe for additional tactile measurement


multi-sensor device: optical sensor (camera/optics), laser-
triangulation-sensor, tactile sensor (Renishaw-touchprobe)

Device example: Telecentric inspection device

Telecentric inspection workplace

contour acquisition of large sized components, with incident and transmitted lighting

Device example: High-resolution measuring workplace

OMP Z125m

measuring workplace for microelectronic components and assemblies

inspection and measuring of ultrafine structures on PCBs

with lens exchange unit for the use of different lenses

field of view from 13,37 x 10,03 mm up to 0,23 x 0,17 mm

circular and coaxial illumination by LED cold light sources

OMP Z125m
Bildaufnahme OMP Z125m
OMP Z125m Arbeitsplatz

Data Sheet for OMIG examples

Your advantages

  • complete package from a single source
    • project planning and development
    • manufacturing and installation
    • commissioning
    • regular maintenance, service and calibration
  • flexible adaption based on the customer-specific task
  • freely selectable inspection and measuring volumes
  • precision linear measuring systems for highest positioning and measuring accuracy
  • granite base plates for lowest temperature expansion


  • measuring of large sized flat parts (e.g. solar panels, printed circuit boards)
  • inspection and measuring of micro and macro structures
  • height measurement in micrometer range
  • material analyses
  • acquisition of contours
  • surface detection
  • tool measurements
  • forensics
  • quality assurance

Function modules:

  • problem-oriented optical systems
  • latest camera technology with HD resolution
  • LED lighting systems
  • compact linear guidance
  • granite base plates or aluminium leightweight construction
  • drive units, direct current or stepper motors
  • software modules for image editing, archiving, measuring, control, evaluation and documentation

Ask for your solution

We will be pleased to draw up a solution concept for your measuring and inspection task. We plan,

develop and manufacture “your“ customized measuring instrument. The complete solution from a

single source. Please do not hesitate to contact us.