Mikro-Inspektor: Inspection and measuring of small-sized drilling and milling tools

The Mikro-Inspektor is a high-resolution inspection and measuring workstation to identify faulty and damaged tools and removes them from the manufacturing process. High follow-up costs belong to the past. The measurement of tool parameters is also quiet possible.

Technical data:
Optical system

zoom device with zoom factor 7:1 for a magnification range 46x–306x (optional 32–389x), lock-in positions, precision focusing drive with 70 mm lift


digital-/analog-camera with c-mount adapter, 1/2″-chip, 1/3“-chip


LED ring light, LED side light, separately dimmable

Tool modules

quick clamping systems for shaft diameters 3–10 mm, modules for HSK-tapers


software package JE.Mess, PC-system with 24” monitor


Stable and precise device construction

Various tool modules for quick release or HSK-tapers

Separately controlled LED lights

Focussing drive with gross/fine adjustment

Mikro-Inspektor Data sheet:


  • measuring of wear conditions (e.g. wear marks and cutting edge offset of cutting tools)
  • prior tool checking, quality control at incoming goods and outgoing goods
  • measuring of tool parameters (e.g. angle of twist, clearance angle and cutting edge radius of milling tools)
  • exact diameter determining of micro drills


  • high-quality zoom optics with efficient camera system
  • tools can be rotated 360°, view from above and the side by switching the prism unit
  • LED ring light and LED side light for optimal object illumination
  • quick clamping systems for various shaft diameters
  • modules for HSK-tapers (unclamping of the tool is not necessary for measuring)
  • the software JE.Mess provides extensive possibilities to archive images, documentation, image editing and a variety of measurement functions

Overview tool modules:

  • quick clamping system A (basic unit)
    direct mounting of tools with shaft diameters 3–6 mm
  • quick clamping system B (optional)
    direct mounting of tools with shaft diameters 6–10 mm
  • module for HSK-tapers (optional)
    module for HSK 40-tapers with reducing bushing for HSK 25-tapers
  • precision module (optional)
    module for measuring of concentricity ≤ 0,003 mm